PayPal Credit Card Processing Fees. There are fees associated with any purchase made using credit cards, but you don’t pay them. The seller does. So when you use a credit card to buy your morning coffee, the coffee shop pays either a transaction fee or a percentage of your purchase to the credit card company.

PayPal is a digital currency for the most part today, and your balance generally comes from a PayPal card, friends or family, services you’ve rendered or sold online, or even a PayPal line of credit itself, which you CAN pay via the PayPal balance you keep on hand (more on that in a minute). PayPal remains the most useful of all online Should I Pay With PayPal or With My Credit Card? - NerdWallet Apr 18, 2014 How to Pay PayPal Credit Balance with Credit Card Nov 26, 2014

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Mar 30, 2018 How to Pay Online With a Credit Card Enter Your Shipping Address. The shipping address allows the merchant to calculate your shipping … FPL | Pay with a Debit or Credit Card How to make a payment. 1. Visit the Speedpay ® website or call 1-800-979-3967. You will need: Your Visa ®, MasterCard ®, Discover Card ® or American Express ®; Your ATM/debit card with the STAR, NYCE, ACCEL or PULSE logo from a financial institution that is enrolled in … How to Use a Debit Card for PayPal - The Balance Apr 03, 2020